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Other testing


This is a non criminal testing service which may be used, for example, to establish a family relationship where one of the individuals to be tested is deceased. DNA is extracted from items worn or used by the deceased individual to resolve cases for which other tests many have proved inconclusive or could not be used.

We have had success with such cases even where the items used were more than 70 years old. Items we can extract a DNA profile from include: Bodily Fluid, Cigarette Ends, Clothing, Combs, Hair Roots, Jewellery, Toothbrushes

Single Person Profile

This testing service is used to generate a sing DNA profile for an individual. It has been used by clients who wish to establish their DNA profile to resolve any inheritance disputes following their death.

Mouth swab samples are obtained for this DNA test. This service is also regularly requested by, or on behalf of, individuals travelling overseas, for elderly relatives with dementia or for individuals serving with the Armed Forces as proof of identity in case they go missing.

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