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Drug Testing

Our Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

Our Drug and Alcohol Testing Services provide clear and easy to understand analysis of potential drug and alcohol misuse.

Drug & Alcohol testing covers a wide variety of substances and test options. Our expert team can guide you through all the options and costs to ensure that the most suitable test is carried out which will provide the answers you need, all within Legal Aid Agency (LAA) Codified rates.

Our dedicated team will guide you through the whole process as our aim is to make life easier for our clients. We are able to make arrangements for each test directly with participants, saving you valuable time and effort.

Historical and Recent Drug Use Testing in Hair

Using a sample of hair around the thickness of a pencil allows for a historical overview of drug use.   The method is non-invasive, simple and painless for the donor. All collections are carried out by our trained collectors who ensure the sample is taken as neatly and discreetly as possible whilst maintaining a strict chain of custody. As head hair grows at approximately 1 cm per month, we can use a hair sample to report drug usage in two ways:

Overview of Drug Use

An average of the total period of analysis e.g. 3 cm of hair can demonstrate whether an individual took significant quantities of heroin at some point in the last 3 months.

Month by Month Analysis

A segmented month by month analysis e.g. 3 cm of hair taken in October can demonstrate whether an individual took significant quantities of heroin in July, but has abstained in August and September.

Hair testing for Alcohol Misuse

Our experts recommend that blood is used in combination with a hair test to provide a more comprehensive analysis of historical and more recent abuse of alcohol.

Blood testing allows us to carry out the following;

All blood samples are safely collected by trained phlebotomists and are securely transported to the laboratory.

Urine and Oral Fluid

Sample Collection

Anglia DNA Services are proud to provide you with a Sample Collection Service available throughout the whole of the UK, or we can arrange an alternative collection option on your behalf. Collections can be booked at the time of instruction with collections usually taking place within 24 – 72 hours. Our samplers are highly trained and fully equipped to obtain hair, urine, oral fluid and blood samples for Drug and Alcohol testing. Mouth swab samples are obtained for DNA testing (and they’re trained for this too!)

What are the advantages of our sample collection services?

Our samplers can attend appointments with individuals, either in their home, at your offices or at an alternative location such as:

We can also arrange collections worldwide through our partnered clinics.

All Hair Strand Testing is carried out at a partnered UKAS Accredited Laboratory.

The link above will take you to an online order form but you can download a paper form from here and return to us via email using this address: office@angliadna.co.uk

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