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DNA Relationship Testing (UK Family Law)

Legal DNA tests are used for a variety of scenarios.   The main areas where a legal test will be required are:

For a DNA test to be valid for Court, a strict chain of custody must be maintained for each sample and all DNA mouth swab samples must be taken by a member of the Anglia DNA Sampling Team or a trained sampler under the supervision of a GP or nurse.

We can also arrange sampling appointments around the world.

What tests can we provide for you?

Paternity – Paternity DNA testing proves the relationship between a potential father and a child.

Maternity – Maternity DNA testing proves the relationship between a potential mother and a child.

Sibling – Sibling DNA testing will analyse the relationship between potential brothers and/or sisters and can provide a result of ‘Full Sibling’, ‘Half Sibling’, ‘Unrelated’ or ‘Inconclusive’. Contact us to determine which test you may require.

Grandparent / Grandchild – This test proves the relationship between a potential grandmother or grandfather and a child.

Y-Chromosome and Twin Zygosity testing

Y-Chromosome testing proves that two male individuals have the same paternal lineage, so an individual would be matched positively with their father, paternal grandfather and paternal uncle but the test cannot say specifically what the relationship is.

Twin Zygosity testing shows whether twins are identical (from one egg) or non-identical (from two different eggs) twins.

If you have any other DNA relationship that needs testing please contact us as we may be able to help. For instance, there is no DNA test for cousins as the relationship is too distant however we may be able to use an alternative test or combination of tests to establish the information that you need (e.g. you could test one cousin against the other cousins’ parent, then test the parent against the second child).

Why use Anglia DNA for your testing?

The link above will take you to an online order form but you can download a paper form from here and return to us via email using this address: office@angliadna.co.uk

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