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DNA Relationship Testing (UK Family Law)

Why use Anglia DNA for your testing?

What Relationships can we test for?


Paternity DNA testing proves the relationship between a potential father and a child.


Maternity DNA testing proves the relationship between a potential mother and a child.


Sibling DNA testing will analyse the relationship between potential brothers and/or sisters and will provide a result of ‘Full Sibling’, ‘Half Sibling’, ‘Unrelated’ or ‘Inconclusive’.


This test proves the relationship between a potential grandmother or grandfather and a child.


This test will prove the relationship between a potential Aunt or Uncle and a child.

We also offer Y-Chromosome and Twin Zygosity testing; Y-Chromosome proves that two individuals have the same paternal lineage, so a individual would be matched positively with their father, paternal grandfather and paternal uncle but the test cannot say specifically which relation is correct. Twin Zygosity testing shows whether twins are identical (from one egg) or non-identical (from two different eggs) twins.

If you have any other DNA relationship that need testing please contact us as we may be able to help. For instance, ther is no DNA test for cousins as the relationship is too distant however we may be able to use an alternative test or combination of test to establish the information that you need (e.g. you could test one cousin against the other cousins parent, then test the parent against the second child).

UKAS Accredited DNA Relationship Testing Laboratory No 2699 to ISO 17025.
Approved by the MOJ to carry out Parentage testing under Section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969

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