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The Solicitors Group Conferences Buzz Wire Game Winner

For those of you that have attended the Solicitors Group Conferences this year, you will know that Anglia DNA have a new and exciting attraction at our stand. This year we introduced our action packed Buzz Wire game (complete with an amazing array of ‘Retro’ sweets). We are pleased to announce that our Buzz Wire game is still attracting keen and steady handed Solicitors from around the country. Out of all the solicitors group conferences we have visited, no-one yet has beaten our 19 second in-house record by Harry Paterson.

Lorraine Bennett, of Robert Lunn & Lowth solicitors in Stratford Upon Avon, saw our game and accepted the challenge, at the recent Solicitors Group Conference in Birmingham, and demonstrated the difficult course can be defeated. With a dedication to the cause, that quite frankly was out of this world, put in a great time of 35.85 seconds and was the only contestant to complete on the day. Lorraine told us, “I can’t lie, I was a little disappointed not to have beaten the record but I shall look out for you at future events in order to do so!”

Our game is a very difficult metal course that you have to navigate without triggering the alarm. First you get a warning with some flashing lights and if you are not careful, the alarm is activated (if you are interested then have a look here for details of the incredible company we purchased our bespoke version from)

We look forward to seeing you all at the 2019 conferences and would welcome back any previous winners to attempt another record smashing time!

If you haven’t already visited one of the Solicitor Group conferences, have a look at their website and speak to one of their team (they are a great bunch of people who are incredibly helpful).

Can you beat our game, visit us at future Solicitor Group events and give it a go.

Past Winners Role of Honour:

Birmingham LawBiz conference – Sarah Robson (Alpha Court Chambers) – 25.1 seconds.


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