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Accredited by the Ministry of Justice to carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under Section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969.
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Legal DNA Test or Non Legal (Peace of Mind) DNA Tests Available

Many people require a DNA test for different reasons, the reason for the test will determine the type of test that is needed.  The difference between a Legal DNA Test and a Peace of Mind DNA Test is described below:

Legal DNA Test

Legal DNA tests are used in a variety of legal scenarios.  For a DNA test to be valid for court, a strict chain or custody must be maintained.
All our DNA mouth swab samples must be taken by , a registered GP or nurse, or a member of the Anglia DNA Sampling Team.

We also arrange sampling appointments around the world, via our Sample Collection Service.

The main areas where test reports are used:

  • Care Proceedings Cases
  • Establishing Child Support Agency payment responsibility
  • Immigration Appeal Cases
  • Changing a Birth Certificate
  • Identifying distant relatives in probate cases

Non Legal - Peace of Mind

Non - Legal DNA tests, commonly known as Peace of mind DNA Tests puts an end to suspicion, and provides an answer to doubts or questions which may have existed for weeks, months, or even years, at the back of people’s minds. 

These tests are self sample (often called “home”) tests. The client samples themselves in the comfort of their own home and returns the samples (along with appropriate documentation) to the laboratory for testing. These tests are designed to be used for peace of mind purposes only, they are not designed to be used for legal purposes.

Tests available:

Paternity Tests: 
To establish whether an Alleged Father 'is' or 'is not' the biological father of a child.  There are 2 types of tests.
1.  Our Standard Test - this involves testing the Mother, Child and Alleged Father to establish paternity.  
2.  The Motherless Test - If the mother does not wish to or is unavailable to take part in the test, then appropriate consent from the person responsible for the child is required, in order for the test to be carried out.
Maternity Tests:  
Used to establish whether an Alleged Mother is or is not the biological mother of a child.  There are 2 types of tests.
1.  Our standard test involves testing the Father, Child and Alleged Mother to establish maternity.  
2.  The Motherless Test - If the father does not wish to take part or is unavailable to take part in the test, then the Alleged Mother and child will establish maternity.

Family Relationship Testing Services
There are a 4 types of tests available
Sibling Test*                                      Y-Chromosome Test
Other Kinship Testing*                      Twin Zygosity Test

Sibling Test*
This test is used to establish if 2 or more individuals:
  • share both biological parents - full siblings
  • share just one biological parent - half siblings
  • do not share either parent - unrelated

Other Kinship Testing*
If the biological parents are not available for testing and the family wish to confirm or establish the nature of the biological relationships between the individuals then the following tests can be done.
  • Uncle/Aunt Test
  • Grandparent Test

Y - Chromosome Test
This service is available to clients who would like to establish whether or not the individuals being tested are biologically related through the paternal (male) family line.
If the individuals are shown to be related they may be related as Brother, Father, Grandfather, Son, Uncle or some more distant relationship.

Twin Zygosity Test
This service is available to clients who would like to establish whether individuals being tested are identical or non-identical twins

Other DNA (Peace of Mind) Tests Available:
This is a non criminal testing service which may be used, for example, to establish a  family relationship where one of the individuals to be tested is deceased.
DNA is extracted from items worn or used by the deceased individual to resolve cases for which other tests many have proved inconclusive or could not be used.
We have had success with such cases even where the items used wre more than 70 years old.
Items we can extract a DNA profile from include:
  • Bodily Fluid
  • Cigarette Ends
  • Clothing
  • Combs
  • Hair Roots
  • Jewellery
  • Toothbrushes

Single Person Profile
This testing service is used to generate a sing DNA profile for an individual.
It has been used by clients who wish to establish their DNA profile to resolve any inheritance disputes following their death.
Mouth swab samples are obtained for this DNA Testing
This service is also regularly requested by, or on behalf of, individuals travelling overseas, for elderly relative with dementia or for individuals serving with the Armed Forces as proof of identity in case they go missing.

It is important to note that in some cases, test results for the family relationships above will be inconclusive. Inconclusive results occur when the genetic information shared between the potential siblings/relatives is common to that shared by the general population. In these circumstances there is insufficient genetic evidence unique to the individuals being tested to establish the relationship between them. It is not possible to predict the outcome of one of these tests until it is completed, and unfortunately because of the work involved we are unable to refund clients who receive an inconclusive result. To understand this further and to discuss how this may affect your case, please call us on 01603 358161.